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Commercial HVAC is a very different thing from a residential unit, aside from the obvious that the units are bigger and typically have to heat and cool a significantly larger property they are vastly more complicated.  You have paying tenants and employees that need a suitable environment to work in so they can perform their job effectively.  If your HVAC system isn’t functioning properly or isn’t working at all then you are going need it repaired promptly.  You not only need a reliable HVAC company on standby but you also need to make sure that they can work on a commercial system.

What is the Problem with Your System?

When you have a system that is that large and complicated than determining the exact problem isn’t easy, there are more working parts and lots of vents and ductwork.  You need a team that understands the structure of your system along with how it works.  Professional HVAC contractors can identify the problem quickly and put together a quick solution for you.  The more common problems that happen in a commercial HVAC system are frozen coils, malfunctioning fans, low coolant, outside units have broken down and wiring problems.  Here is a look at common problems with commercial HVAC systems.

Most professional HVAC contractors can and will diagnose these types of problems fairly quickly.  The problem tends to lie with building owners and property managers, they tend to ignore problems rather than fixing them right away.  Small problems don’t take long to turn into big problems.  Commercial HVAC systems are expensive to repair so getting your issues fixed in the early stages makes financial sense.  You should also have a regular maintenance schedule to help you catch these problems early.

Research Commercial HVAC Companies

Just like any other vendor that you deal with, do your research.  Every HVAC company will promise that they do the best work in the business but that isn’t the case.  You’re going to have to invest a little time and do some research on any company that you hire.  Even commercial contractors have reviews written about them online. You can check the usual places like Angie’s List or on HomeAdvisor.  Client reviews are a good place to start but you can also check with other property managers or building owners in the area to see who they are working with.  Take care and do your due diligence with any company that you decide to work with including your HVAC contractor.