HVAC Training Schools in Iowa

Individuals that are curious to find out how heating, ventilation and air conditioning machines function can pursue a career in this industry. Commonly known as HVAC, it is a technology that that exists in every state. There is no building that hasn’t got at least one heating or cooling appliance.

So, what knowledge does one need to have to be called a HVAC technician? There are some requirements one has to fulfill first.

What are the Requirements for Becoming a HVAC Technician?

Every employer asks for a diploma, degree or a certification in heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration when he or she wants to hire a technician. It is essential to obtain the knowledge related to air and gas flow, electricity, the machines, temperature control and other. By completing courses related to HVAC, students will also complete the first step to becoming HVAC technicians.

The second step is to gain some experience in installation, maintenance and repairing of the HVAC units since some employers require a few years of experience in this industry. There are some associations graduates can join in order to seek for an internship. Since these associations are connected communities, graduates can network here, get a free training and even sign a contract with employers.

In some cases, a state license is required when applying for a job. Be sure to check the requirements first and then apply for it.

Featured HVAC Schools in Iowa:

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  • B.S. Construction Management
  • A.A.S. Construction Management
Locations:  Sioux Falls

Where Can One Train in HVAC Technology?

When it comes to choosing a program that can suit you best, inform well about all classes offered across the state of Iowa. Then enroll into one. We’ve listed a few Iowa colleges that offer programs in HVAC technology:

  • Des Moines Area Community College offers Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Technology Program that includes classes related to HVAC theory, practice in using the equipment and tools for both installation and servicing of appliances and training that develops relevant skills.
  • Iowa Lakes Community College provides students with a degree in Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Technology. This college focuses on the energy efficiency and practical experience that will help graduates to easily get a job in this industry.
  • Kirkwood Community College prepares students to become experts in HVAC installation. The HVAC Installer program will educate students in systems used in both commercial and residential facilities.
  • Northeast Iowa Community College offers a diploma in Heating and Air Conditioning. After graduation, the students will be skilled in installation and repairing of HVAC units, whether it’s a small home appliance or light commercial system.
  • Western Iowa Tech Community College (or WIT Community College) provides students with a diploma in Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration. Besides obtaining the basic knowledge in HVAC systems, the students will have the opportunity to practice on an actual appliance and gain the relevant experience.

The career of a HVAC technician is a rewarding one. The average annual income for this employment position is $40000. So sign up for a program on one of the mentioned colleges, graduate and start searching for a job.

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