HVAC Training Schools in Indiana

The technology that combines heating, ventilation, air conditioning and sometimes refrigeration is commonly known as HVAC or HVACR. The HVAC systems are used in various buildings nowadays, in homes, factories, hotels, hospitals and such.

This employment position in Indiana is in demand, so if you want an education that will easily land you a job offer, you should consider becoming a professional in HVAC industry.

Featured HVAC Schools in Indiana:

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What are the Best Indiana Schools in HVAC Technology?

Many of the programs in heating and cooling technology in Indiana can be graduated in less than a year. If you are interested in becoming a HVAC technician, there are some studying options for you to consider.

Here is a list of some of the schools that offer HVAC diplomas and certifications:

  • AC/C Tech – This post-secondary institution specializes in technology related to residential and apartment maintenance. Students will gain education in electrical circuits, heating and cooling systems, building and repairing of the HVAC appliances, plumbing, home energy conservation and other relevant techniques. Their Online Training Center provides online classrooms and technical support as well as a Q & A bulletin board.
  • Ivy Tech Community College – The College states that students should choose their program because 68% of all energy used in residential, commercial and industrial buildings is related to HVAC technology. By enrolling into this program, students will have the opportunity to train by using the actual heating and air conditioning equipment and tools. The experience they gain will be a huge plus for them when they start searching for a job. The College offers degrees and (technical) certificates in Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning.
  • Midwest Technical Institute – The Institute offers an accredited program for a HVAC/R-MAR Technician. By entering this program, you will become a highly skilled technician in refrigeration and air conditioning systems. The mission of this Institute is to educate future mechanics in installation, remodeling and servicing the HVAC appliances. They offer four training modules:
    • Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Service & Installation;
    • Basic Electricity;
    • Gas and Electric Heat and
    • Major Appliance Repair.
  • Vincennes University – This University has campuses in a few cities in Indiana. Besides training programs, the University offers topical seminars and skill development programs. Students can obtain an Associate in Applied Science degree (or AAS degree). Besides the classroom lectures held by professional instructors, they offer hands-on training that will make you a skilled technician.

What Skills Will You Develop by Studying for a HVAC Technician?

Besides the knowledge in heating and cooling units, it is relevant to develop skill that will help you become more efficient on your job. Some courses in HVAC can help you gain:

  • Mechanical skills
  • Detail-orientation skills
  • Communication skills
  • Customer service skills
  • Troubleshooting skills

Indiana is a state within a humid continental climate area which means it experiences large temperature differences. These temperature differences can have a great impact on the electrical energy bills during both winter and summer days.

In order to reduce consuming the electrical energy, many people hire HVAC technicians, so you may think about pursuing a career in this field.

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