HVAC Training Schools in Illinois

Today almost every person’s home has an installed air conditioning system that can heat their home in the winter days and also cool the entire house in the summer.

Heating, refrigeration and air conditioning appliances make living comfortable, but it can cost a lot since they use much of the electrical power. In order to make the air conditioning system more energy efficient, people hire HVAC experts.

Besides the air conditioning and heating systems, refrigeration appliances are used in many buildings, both private and public, such as stores, restaurants, companies and homes.

Top Rated HVAC Schools in Illinois:

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Whether you’re looking for a new career, or searching to enhance your current position, Midwest Technical Institute (MTI) can help kick-start your educational goals. Through a diverse, innovative mix of mechanical trades, transportation, health and wellness, as well as allied health programs, MTI has earned a reputation for excellence in meeting local community needs, in regards to its workforce.


  • HVAC/R - MAR Technician
Locations:  SpringfieldMolineEast Peoria

Get a hands-on education at Lincoln Tech. Designed for today’s tough job market, our in-depth programs cover many fields including: Health Sciences, Business and Information Technology, Hospitality, Automotive Technology, HVAC Technology and Electrical Systems Technology. Financial Aid is available for those who qualify. Programs vary by campus.


  • Electrical/Electronics
Locations:  Indianapolis

What Makes a HVAC Technician’s Role Important?

There are a lot of job opportunities for a mechanic in the industry of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration.

Some technicians specialize in one of the HVAC industry’s branches, mostly in air conditioning. There are some reasons that show the importance of hiring a HVAC technician; we have listed a few below:

  • Education – Every HVAC technician has to enroll in one of the programs offered on colleges and schools. Although the hands-on experience is essential in this job, the knowledge gained in classrooms fills the gaps in theory. In other words, both education and the experience are important, they actually intertwine.
  • Skills – It is of great importance to possess some skills to be able to work as a HVAC technician. Skills such as mechanical ones can be developed by training for a HVAC mechanic and by gaining the experience related to installation, maintenance and servicing of the heating and cooling appliances. Since communication skills are also important for interacting with the customers, those that don’t possess them may attend a course in communication.
  • Expertise – The HVAC technicians should deliver quality service that includes professional installation of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems into various facilities as well servicing the units. An expert in the HVAC industry should be skilled and trained worker that easily solves problems with the appliances that do not work.

The best way to become an expert in this industry is to study while practicing in a workshop, because those that are involved in solving a problem will learn faster.

How Much Can a HVAC Mechanic Earn A Year in Illinois?

The average salaries range from $46,000 to $52,000. Technicians that have just started working in this industry can earn approximately $25,000 annually.

Those that are experienced and senior HVAC mechanics may earn up to $75,000 per year. The median salary also depends on a city in which the technician works.

If you decide to obtain a degree in HVAC technology, keep in mind that you will have to continue educating yourself as long as you are employed as a HVAC technician. This industry is changing fast and the new appliances are designed every day.

In order to provide an excellent and quality work, every technician has to enroll into HVAC training programs from time to time to refresh the knowledge he or she has. This also means that investment into a training course can bring more customers and a higher annual income.

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