All you need to know about the HVAC tools that are used while working

If you think you are ready to join the HVAC industry, you should make sure that you are thoroughly trained for the job and hopefully certified as well. Being educated and certified is a basic and necessary requirement before you can apply for a job. After you are employed, there are a few things that you should know about. Read to know more.

You will need to know about the various tools you will be dealing with while working. There is an array of tools you need to know about and it is very important that you understand what each one is used for. It’s broken down into easy material below.

The basic knowledge

When you are in the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) business, there are precise and particular tools that you will need to get the job done, if you do not have a specialization in HVAC and are a generalist, you will need the standard items in your handy pack or your tool kit. These items include nut drivers, screwdrivers, wrenches, tape measures, a hammer, pliers and not less important, utility knife. These items are the most commonly needed on the job for repairs, installation and maintenance.

Tools in refrigeration

If you are a refrigeration technician in the HVAC, you might just need a few more tools than the ones mentioned. Other than the certification and the training that you have earned, you will also need mirrors, gauges to measure the amount of refrigerant present, vacuum pumps, pipe cutters, pipe wrenches a hacksaw, an oxy-acetylene torch and vacuum gauges. Though all these tools will not be needed all at once, you will need to use the items as the situation demands.

Other Electrical tools

If you are more focused on the electrical work in the HVAC business, you will probably need other tools included in the business. Strippers, staplers, wire cutters, a voltmeter, spools of wiring, gauges for this purpose and crimpers will be the most needed in your list. Again, like mentioned before, you will need to use the tools according to the duties you perform.

Service tools in HVAC

Aside with the basic tools used by HVAC technicians, for service and maintenance in HVAC, the list prolongs to few extra tools that might come in handy when you’re servicing a unit or any HVAC system. Being called to service a system leaves you with prepared tools for any kind of malfunction you might encounter. So, tools like different refrigeration gauges or vacuum pumps are important to carry with yourself. Torches like those use for welding and brazing, multimeter, flaring tool and recovery machine are the ones you should count on when performing a service for a customer. Some may be provided to you by the company you work for, and some may not. So, bear in mind that you would have to spend some extra cash on buying any of the tools you’re missing.


What else will be needed?

A few of the HVAC tools will be expensive, especially the ones that are needed for the refrigeration business. If you are working alone (rather self-employed) then you will require to buy all these tools on your own. On the other hand, working in a small firm or company, you will have all the tools you need. Nevertheless, you might ought to buy your own tools, though this applies to a few cases only. The cost of these tools can be an obstacle for you to start on your own. In a firm, you can write these off as expenses. However, it is good to know that the kind of systems and the tools you need, will establish a rough amount of how high your capital must be to set up your own business.