HVAC Schools in Connecticut

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HVAC training is must for becoming an HVAC technician who can do his job in an efficient way. It not only opens the door for becoming HVAC technician but also gives other opportunities like teaching HVAC, marketing, building maintenance and even starting one’s own business in this field.

Training in HVAC offers one of the best and promising careers in the field of HVAC. With the increased demand, the number of schools offering HVAC technician courses in the state is also on the rise.

HVAC Training Schools in Connecticut:

HVAC training gives a wonderful opportunity to the students to establish their career in the field of HVAC. The duration of the various courses offered in this field varies from 6 to 24 months. Some of the main courses pursued by students include certificate courses, diploma and bachelors of science degree for HVAC.  There are also various schools which offer online courses which help the students in continuing their education while fulfilling all other responsibilities.

Other popular schools which offer HVAC training in the state of Connecticut are Emmett O’Brien Technical School and Grasso Regional Technical School.

Emmett O’Brien Technical School

This school aims at offering the best high school learning environment to the students which ensure development in the academic field as well as technological skills. It prepares the students well for post secondary education which include apprenticeships as well as productive employment.

Grasso Regional Technical School

It aims at educational excellence by offering a safe and nurturing learning environment to the students. The best quality education helps the students to become outstanding citizens and skilled professionals well versed with 21st century skills.

Some other HVAC schools in the state of Connecticut are Henry Abbott RVTS, ICPA-Independent CT Petro Association, IMTI-Industrial Management and Training Institute, Kaynor Technical School, New England Technical Institute, Norwich Regional Vo-Tech School and Oliver Wolcott Technical School.

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