HVAC Schools in Arizona

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HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. It is a sub- discipline of mechanical engineering. It deals with the regulation of temperature and other conditions inside the buildings by using proper ventilation, filtration and air-conditioning methods. In the post-recession era there is a growing demand for the HVAC jobs. They offer the flexibility of freelance or contractual and also take only about 2 years to master. HVAC jobs also offer a good pay and are stable. In order to become a HVAC technician one needs to join a school or training college that offers both classroom and hands-on work. Also many factors should be considered when selecting a HVAC school like Time of the course, Curriculum offered and the price. Keeping in mind these factors let us look at some of the top HVAC training schools in Arizona:

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Get hands-on training with Arizona Automotive Institute. We offer diploma programs in the skilled trades at our campus in Glendale, Arizona.


  • HVAC and Basic Refrigeration
Locations:  Glendale

The Refrigeration school:

                      The refrigeration school in Phoenix, Arizona was founded in 1965 by the locals from Arizona who had previous experience in refrigeration and air-conditioning. Its aim is to impart knowledge to students through the right courses and on hands experience. Their curriculum is well designed for classroom study and also career development.  It also has a sprawling campus of 26000 sq. feet which consists of several lab support and training facilities.

Cochise College:

                       Located in Cochise County, Arizona Cochise College offers one of the finest packages for HVAC with quality instruction, workforce training and proper classroom training.

Everest College:  

                     Everest is the premier college among the few colleges which offer online education. The main advantage of Everest is that it is preferred by working students since it offers them flexible schedules and online training. Also on-hands job training is also provided separately.

East valley Institute of Technology:

                       The East valley Institute of technology is one of the biggest colleges for HVAC training in Arizona. It has received many accolades like – Model for career development, from the U.S department of education. EVIT employs many professional to train the students in order to make them technically trained and experienced.

                      Apart from these some other institutes like Pima, Gateway and Mohave Community colleges also exist which are also good for HVAC training.

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