HVAC Salary- Earn Attractive Salaries with Increased Job Security

Becoming a professional HVAC technicians comes with many pros, along with the raising job outlook, stable career opportunities and the good salary. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for HVAC technician in 2015 is $45,110 per year and approximately $21,69 per hour.

Salary variations according to various factors

Depending on technician’s work experience, amount of earned certificates and the location in which he works, salary is prone to differences. For example, apprentices usually earn only half of the wage of an experienced worker. Payment by experience factor increases if the technician has many working hours behind him. So, the technicians at entry-level with 0-5 years of work experience earn around $35000 per year, the ones with the 5-10 years of experience have salary of $46000 per year, the technicians with 10-20 years earn about $52000 and the ones with more than 20 years of work experience can earn up to $58000 per year. As for the matter of job location factor, there are some top cities with the best payments for HVAC professionals. Among the top 5 are New York with $64000, Chicago with $55000, Denver with $54000, Dallas with $55000 and Baltimore with $51000 median pay per year. Viewing the wages by states makes Florida, Texas, New York, California and Pennsylvania the highest heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration mechanic and installer employment in 2014. Some of the lowest paying states list New Mexico, Kentucky, Mississippi, Idaho, Arkansas and North Carolina.

The time of the year is a great factor of possible increase in payment as well. That’s because during summer high temperatures, the demand of ventilation and air-conditioning system is increased. That means more working hours for HVAC technicians and more overtime hours with prolonged shifts which gives you opportunity to earn more money. Also, the salary depends on the type of industry technicians work in. The building equipment contractors industry has the highest level of employment for HVAC technicians and offer an average annual salary of $45,490. Direct selling establishments offer the technicians wage of $47,880 per year and the commercial and industrial equipment repair industry offer an average wage of $52,270 per year.

The salary also depends on the number of certifications and the type of certifications earned. That’s why the highest paying technicians are the Certified Professional Engineers with up to $99,000 annual wage, LEED Accredited professionals with $86000 annual salary and the Professional in Human Resources earns about $78000 per year.

HVAC service technician can earn good payment in national bonuses, up to $5000. According to payscale.com, median hourly rate by job type in HVAC industry varies as well. That’s why HVAC service technician earns approximately $21,46 per hour, HVAC mechanic&installer earns about $20,00 and HVAC technician around $15,59 per hour.

Certification factor

Even though most of the states don’t require additional certification aside with the mandatory EPA-accredited certificate, most of the employing companies demand some type of finished certificate programs when they hire HVAC technicians. The requirement of in depth knowledge of heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration and the experience gained through certification are bonuses in any job curriculum of a HVAC technician. Becoming certified in particular areas of HVAC industry increases the choices of job opportunities available. Since the increase in job outlook is projected to grow by 40%, so does the requirement of most experienced professionals. With the good number of working hours, and hands-on experience and some of the earned certificates, any HVAC technician can be assured of the possibility of getting hired first. That’s why the competition between HVAC graduates is intensifying and many of them decide to earn additional certificates to have better chances in being employed by large and stable industries. So, experience and educational background plays an important role in deciding the salary in HVAC industry.

Increased experience means increased payment

Any HVAC technician at entry-level earns less than the ones with better experience. Beginning the career as a service technician with time passed can lead to becoming field manager. As you earn your experience, you can progress to the operation manager role and even finish at the top as a distribution manager.

In conclusion, the variety of annual wage is mostly depending on the location, experience, industry type, certification and even on the time of the year. Any HVAC beginner starts from the bottom and by working hard and gaining more on-the-job experience opens the door to progression and improvement. That means, as long as you continue to collect work hours and work in some of the highest paying states, have a good certificate, your payment is remaining stable and increases throughout the years. So, begin your journey as a HVAC technician and start your promising career as soon as possible.