HVAC Programs For Aspiring HVAC Technicians

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There are various training programs in HVAC offered by various schools. Some of them are also renowned for offering HVAC certification programs.

Diploma Programs in HVAC

Remington College

Remington College located in Memphis region offers a professional diploma program in HVAC to meet the increased demand for HVAC technicians in commercial as well as residential systems. The main purpose of this program is to make the students well versed with residential heating and cooling fundamentals, commercial or industrial refrigeration and freezers and environmental energy management systems.

Kaplan College
Kaplan College which also offers a diploma program in HVAC lays emphasis on making the students skilled in installing, maintaining and repairing heating, air conditioning and refrigeration systems. As safety measures are of utmost importance in this field, so students are trained well on the usage of the safety equipments.

Lincoln Technical Institute

Lincoln Technical Institute is famous for providing the best hands-on training to the students which holds a lot of significance in this field.  By constant practice and practical experiences, students learn to install, maintain and repair essential temperature control equipments used in homes and offices.

Everest College

Everest College has gained reputation by training thousands of people interested in making a career in HVAC industry and helping them in fulfilling their dreams. From the trainees, the college only requires commitment to excellence, hard work professionalism and a positive work attitude. All these factors play a significant role in producing competent and proficient HVAC technicians.

Lincoln College of Technology

Lincoln College of Technology offers practical trainings in various fields like Health Sciences, Business and Information Technology, Hospitality and Skilled Trades such as Automotive Technology, HVAC Technology and Electrical Systems Technology. The facility of Diploma and Associate Degree programs in this college increases the chance of making a stable career in HVAC industry.

Ashworth College

Ashworth College offers diploma in heating and air Conditioning. This program mainly emphasizes on topics such as components of HVAC systems and the maintenance of HVAC equipments.  In total, there are 18 lessons in this program which are available online. The facility of online availability adds to the convenience of the students as they can complete the program and take tests as per their own ease.  Apart from this, the program also provides study guides, tutorial assistance, a digital multimeter, illustrated textbook, career search guide and an online student forum to the aspiring students.

The best thing about Charter College which also offers a program in HVAC training is that students get chance to get trained by experienced HVAC professionals with on the job experience. Apart from this, students also get hands-on-training and learn about the usage of tools and equipments which they need to use later while working as a HVAC technician. This college also offers various job opportunities to the students and helps them in getting a job easily.

Certified HVAC Programs

There are also various HVAC certification programs which increases the chance of getting a better job opportunity in HVAC industry.

The Advanced Technology Institute

The Advanced Technology Institute located in the state of Virginia trains the students for various automotive professions as well as offers various certified programs for making a career in HVAC industry.

Eastwick College and the HoHoKus Schools

Eastwick College and the HoHoKus Schools is one of the oldest schools run by a New Jersey corporation. This college has degree-granting approval from the New Jersey Commission of Higher Education. It trains the students on the process of climate control of residential and commercial buildings. Apart from this, it also teaches about the refrigeration systems and the methods required for controlling humidity and temperature in them.

Pinnacle Career Institute

Pinnacle Career Institute offers a 12 month HVAC Technician training program in Kansas City. This program is a perfect blend of classroom lectures with practical trainings followed by lab instructions. It also offers career opportunities to the aspiring students and helps them to become proficient HVAC technician.  It not only educates the students on the theoretical aspect but also trains them about the foundations of HVAC and ACR systems.

Pittsburgh Technical Institute

Pittsburgh Technical Institute also offers a certified program in HVAC system designs which is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.

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