HVAC Licensing essentials for technicians!

HVAC technicians, short for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning technicians are especially skilled to install, maintain, dismantle and repair cooling and heating systems. These are the people you call when you need to repair your cooling or heating systems and help you maintain them. They can be working for a retailer or clients and will repair anything in residential areas or commercial facilities.

What do I do to become one?
If you want to be a HVAC technician, it will depend on the type of training that you receive and the type of certification that you have acquired. Usually, people work under the care of an experienced HVAC technician before attending any kind of classes. If you have a better experience (let’s say at least 2 years in maintenance) you will have a wider choice and better options in the type of certification that you choose.

Where can I get certified?

To become certified, attending proper classes is a good start, but bear in mind that before doing that, you should have the basic qualifications needed to join in one of these classes. The basic qualifications might differ from program to program, although most of them require a high school diploma or a GED. The programs will teach you various things like reading blueprints, construction and design of equipment, installing and repairing HVAC systems, temperature control and more. These programs are not only available in colleges and vocational schools, but also can be found available online.

The program can take you anywhere from 6 months to 2 years. Depending on the duration of the program, you will be awarded an associate’s degree or a certification. Opportunities for those who join the Armed Forces are high to gain training in the HVAC field.

What about licensing?
Now comes the main part, licensing. This is a compulsion for most of the states and so it is always wise to be licensed before you set foot at launching a career. To be licensed, you will need to write an exam which will differ depending on the state you live in. The questions asked in the exam will reflect the knowledge you hold on the installation and repairing of a HVAC system and sometimes the knowledge of electrical codes is demanded as well.

Other than this, there are other licensing programs where you can apply for contractor services. There are a few qualifications needed to apply for HVAC licensing. The basic include being a minimum of 18 years in age, speaking and reading the language of English and a minimum of 4 years of experience in warm heating (should be possible to verify).

Journeyman HVAC technician

This HVAC technician is the one that has completed his apprenticeship in heating, ventilation and air conditioning and also has passed the journeyman HVAC examination. Depending on the state you live in and want to begin your HVAC technician’s career, you will be required to have a license according to that state’s demand. Whether it’s being licensed technician, journeyman or master, the requirements on these licenses vary in the US.

ICC exam

If you qualify for all the above given, then you can take an International Code Council (ICC) exam. The ICC governs these exams and they are responsible for giving it in various states. If you think this exam lacks seriousness and is unworthy, it is not. These exams are given at approved centers and institutions all over the US. You can only be qualified to be a HVAC contractor if you pass this exam.