HVAC Jobs- Stable Jobs with High Salaries

HVAC technician job outlook looks very promising, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The employment in heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration is projected to grow by 14% from 2014- 2024, which is much faster than the average for all of the occupations. Repair, replacement and installation of HVACR systems is in growing demand, especially in the residential and commercial building construction. The requirements of HVAC technicians is rapidly growing thanks to the new, modern climate-control systems which are on the rise as the most wanted ones.

Climate-control system generally need replacement after 10-15 years which means they need to be repaired and reviewed by professional HVAC technicians. Since the energy efficiency and pollution reduction are one of the main reasons for upgrading or total replacement of the old HVACR systems, the demand for HVACR technicians is growing rapidly.

Job description of HVAC technician

HVAC technicians install and repair home heating and air-conditioning systems, as well as refrigeration systems. Once a client sets up an agreement and signs a contract with the HVAC technician, it is his duty then to set up a system, install pumps and air ducts. After the system is installed, HVAC technician may return after some time to check up on the system and perform preventive maintenance or troubleshoot any possible issues. Some typical job duties of a HVAC technicians are reviewing blueprints, installing HVACR systems, testing the systems for proper functioning as well as maintaining them and troubleshooting malfunctions. Also, they have to record the data while inspecting systems, like checking the temperature or fuel consumption. In addition, a HVACR technician must sometimes handle harmful refrigerants and dispose of them with safety for him/her and the environment. Depending on the technician’s skills, he/she can either work with plumbing, mechanical or electrical components and air-conditioning units. At some times, a HVAC technician is expected to answer to service calls to homes and businesses.

Job opportunities

For any HVAC technician who has graduated in high school, finished apprenticeship or finished any accredited program, the job opportunities are wide.  States with the highest employment level in the heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration are Florida with 26,390 employees, Texas with 21,810 working technicians, California with 21,280, New York with 13,330 employed technicians and Pennsylvania with 12,700 employed HVAC technicians according to statistics from May, 2015. If you decide to begin your HVAC career, finishing some high quality accredited program and earning a certificate may highly improve your chances of getting hired. Since the job outlook is on the rise, so are the employer requirements of high quality, well trained and experienced HVAC technicians. Having a job curriculum with fair amount of working hours and experience on-the-job, you will possibly one of the first ones to get employed. Depending on the certification you earned, you can also count on higher chances of being hired by the various types of industries, like commercial or residential building construction and alike.

Work locations of HVAC technician

Depending on the company you work for, so does your work environment and work locations differ as well. HVAC technician can work in private homes, private offices, schools, factories, various stores and supermarkets, hospitals and other commercial or private buildings. Even though most of the HVAC technicians work indoors, sometimes it is necessary for them to work outdoors as well.

Job flexibility of HVAC technician

Average HVAC technician work approximately 40 hours per week. Occasionally, technician can work overtime or extra shifts when he/she is asked to. During peak season, especially in summer days, they often stay late and work overtime due to the high demand of air-conditioning units. Some HVAC technicians are self-employed and make their own work schedule.

The top HVAC career options

Building a successful career depends on which field of HVAC industry you wish to pursue. Some of the top careers are:

HVAC technician – they work in installation, maintenance and repair of HVAC systems. They can specialize in different areas and pursue specialization by earning certificates.

Air-conditioning technician – they ensure that the temperature of a climate-control unit is right. They often work in homes and businesses like hospitals or various stores.

HVAC installer – this technician’s job is to install heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems on residential and commercial buildings. They have to have great mechanical skills, be physically strong and be capable of successfully repairing malfunctions.

With the great amount of job opportunities and various work environments, depending on your specializations and field of HVAC industry you work in, the job overview is a promising option for a stable career and good salary. Due to fantastic job outlook, any HVAC technician with great skills, fair amount of experience and working hours, can count on amazing job opportunities and possible employments. Starting a HVAC technician career definitely pays off due to the search and demand of this particular job.