HVAC Training Schools in Hawaii

The state of Hawaii has a warm tropical climate. As the only state that has never recorded sub-zero temperature, Hawaii offers a lot of job opportunities for HVAC technicians.

HVAC technicians work with heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems and some also specialize in refrigeration.

What Do the HVAC Technicians in Hawaii Do?

Besides the regular installation and maintenance of the HVAC systems, the mechanics responsibilities can be various.

  • Air conditioning – As we’ve already said, Hawaii has a tropical climate and a lot of people visit the islands for their vacation, so the air conditioning system is a must in every hotel room. Besides in hotels, air conditioning systems and equipment is also used in residential buildings.
  • Ventilation and refrigeration – Proper air flow as well as the quality of it is essential when the temperature is high. Fans are also used to vent and cool a space so they can be found in hotels’ bathrooms and rooms, residential buildings, family homes and other. Refrigeration is an applied HVAC science. Hotels and restaurants use ice machines, freezers and refrigerants to store the food for the guests.
  • Electricity – Electrical wiring, security systems, cabling and other have to be maintained carefully. In order to install electrical systems into a facility, HVAC technicians use their expertise in handling the tools, instruments and different equipment. They control the voltage level.
  • Testing – Some HVAC technician specialize themselves in the testing of various HVAC utilities. It includes testing of the motors installed in HVAC units, electrical circuits, the efficiency of the appliances and other. The mechanics may also teach their customers about the best use of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning units so they function properly.
  • Solar heating – Specialization in solar heating systems and solar heating equipment such as solar panels is a great investment for a long-term employment. People that live in Hawaii use a solar thermal collector to make hot water. Solar water heater is a smart and popular way to lower the cost of heating in Hawaii so knowledge in this HVAC field can pay off well.

Some of The Best HVAC Schools in Hawaii:

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  • Electrician

How to Become a HVAC Technician?

Besides the colleges and training offered on the internet, there is a school that can be attended in traditional way.

University of Hawaii – Honolulu Community College offers a program in Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Technology. By obtaining the associate’s degrees and certificates in HVAC maintenance, graduates will be specialized in both low-pressure and high-pressure refrigerants and in installation and servicing air conditioning units.

Before you graduate and become a refrigeration and air conditioning technician, you will be able to learn from the experts in this field. The instructors will provide hands-on training in a simulated job environment.

This kind of training is crucial in order to get the best employment position in Hawaii in both residential and commercial sector.

Honolulu Community College also provides students with training that is important if they want to pass the EPA exams.

By passing the EPA exams the HVAC technicians will prove their competency and gain the certificate in refrigeration and air conditioning technology.

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